MC Consulting International

How We Do It

The prerequisite to a successfully run assignment is a detailed explanation/discussion with all client company decision makers and managers involved directly and indirectly. Where appropriate, a site visit also imposes. Part of the discussion will be to agree company target lists as comprehensively as possible.

Client Involvement

Following these preliminary meetings, company, position and person descriptions are drafted and submitted to the client for comment, addition, alteration, etc. The company and position descriptions are particularly important as they will normally be presented to potential candidates where confidentiality allows this. The person description is a confidential private document between the client and the consultant and is neither broadcast nor published.

As a result of fresh research and additional back up from our data bank and the socio-professional global networks, additional company names will be added to the target list. In appropriate cases, the target list of companies will be researched in its entirety and presented to the client for discussion and agreement.

Company Analysis

Each of the target companies is then analyzed to obtain the meaningful player or players in each with their job title. In tight searches, some clients like to see these initial results because they can sometimes offer specialized industry input or advice.

Each name is then approached by the research assistant who gives a brief, anonymous explanation of the assignment, ascertains if there is initial interest and obtains personal contact details. In the case of key senior or particularly delicate appointments, this stage is carried out by the consultant.

Genuine Interest

Those people who express genuine interest are then contacted by the consultant and given a short, oral explanation of the company and position, followed by a reasonably detailed telephone screening interview in order to confirm or invalidate their suitability and motivation.

Face to face interviews are then organized with those individuals who have come through the initial screening. These interviews are conducted by the consultant. Those whose qualifications, background, experience, personality, attitude and motivation match the specification will be presented as a shortlist in report form.

Closing Advice

The consultant will act as intermediary at the compensation package negotiation stage and can provide compensation and benefits input as well as national and international cultural advice where necessary. Detailed references will be taken up with current and previous employers. 360° referencing is preferred where possible.

Executive Search and Human Resources Consultants